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What to Take on Your Uganda Road Trip


There are few things to be aware of if you’re visiting Uganda from overseas. Driving in Uganda is like driving in the USA and the UK with some adjustments. The biggest of which is first on the list:

  1. In Uganda, we drive on the left. That means the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. If you’re from the UK you’ll be right at home. But be aware that the windscreen wipers and indicator levers might be on different sides of the steering wheel. Visitors from the US will have to adapt to driving on the other side of the road. But don’t let this discourage you. It really only takes like 30 minutes of careful driving to get accustomed to driving on the left. The key is to take your time and focus. Once you’ve become comfortable with it, you won’t notice the difference.
  2. In Uganda, the legal way to park your car at the side of the road is with the car pointing in the direction the flow of traffic. Remember that most people abide by the road signs so just follow the general direction that other cars have taken. But if you park your vehicle the wrong way around (facing the oncoming traffic) you risk a fine.
  3. The open roads are very inviting and speeding can be a problem. Don’t give into temptation and put your foot down. There are many speed cameras in some parts of the country, especially in Kampala (capital city). Over speeding in Uganda is very dangerous and it can lead to serious punishments, it’s thus better you follow all the road rules and regulations. 
  4. Everyone must wear a seatbelt, and that means everyone – backseat passengers please buckle up!

5. To drive in Uganda you will need a valid driver’s license. Of course it can be from your country.

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