Monday, August 15, 2022

Car Hire with Camping In Uganda

With over 20 different camping equipment & services we ensure that you enjoy your trip by being prepared for everything and anything.

Camping Equipments

Roof Tents (One Roof Tent for 1 / 2 Pax,
Two Roof Tents for 3 – 5 Pax)
Tent Pens
One Mattress for Each Tent
One Sheet for Each Tent
Broom Set
Water Cannister (on request)
Gas Bottle (Full)
Cooker Top
Braai Grid and Braai Utensils

Knives, Forks, Big and Small Spoons (one
for each person)
Large Serving Spoon
Bread Knife + Sharp Cutting Knife
Egg Lifter
Standard on all equipped vehicles
Bottle Opener
Tin Opener

Big and Small Plates + Bowls (one for
each person)
Mugs and Glasses (one for each person)
1x Frying Pan
Bread Board
Chairs (one for each person)
Wash Basin
Two Black Boxes into which all the
camping is packed neatlyl

Cars Hire rates with Camping in Uganda