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Uganda Self Drive Rooftop tent Camping Safari

A self-drive, roof-top camping trip is a perfect way for the independent-minded traveler to experience the wildlife-filled and beautiful ‘Pearl of Africa’ – Uganda. Enjoy the open road and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes at very affordable prices, even in the high seasons of July to August and December to February. Going for a self drive in a roof top tent car offers a lot of independence and pliability – touring one of the best destinations in Africa. At night you will stop off at well-situated campsites, pop up the roof-tent, climb aboard and huddle up for a good night’s sleep in a homey sleeping bag.

Everything essential on your self-drive rooftop tent camping safari is offered, such as; a refrigerator, cool-box, grill set, gas cooker, utensils and cutlery, folding chairs and table, mattress, sleeping bag, sheets and pillow. You are either met at the Entebbe International Airport or at our office headquarters. The car can also be brought to you wherever you are in Uganda and across East Africa. You will be shown the ropes, before taking control of your Toyota 4WD, safe in the knowledge that there is a spare wheel and a 24-hour emergency number.

Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park and spot the eye catching tree climbing lions and some of Africa’s big game – including the savannah elephants, cape buffaloes, lions, hippos, leopards, and others. We carefully design your self-drive itinerary with you so that you see as many of the best sights as you can, ensuring there is time to relax and take in the views, or try out some adventure activities like game drives and game viewing, boat cruises, bird watching, gorilla trekking, mountaineering, and chimpanzee tracking, among others.

Most campsites in Uganda’s remarkable and touristic destinations are attached to the newly up-graded Government rest camps, where well-priced restaurants are available, if you feel like a night off from cooking. In rural areas community-run campsites are more basic but have essential facilities. For extra comfort and a guaranteed hot shower, include a night or two along the way in a guesthouse. Self drive rooftop tent camping is an incredible holiday choice for all sorts of travelers, that’s to say; couples, friends, a group of four individuals, or families choose between a single cab with a tent for two and a double cab with two separate, two-person tents.

During the months of March to May and November it is too cold and rainy, so make sure you move with some heavy clothes with you. On a packing list for your self-drive rooftop camping should include your own sleeping bag, a headlight, quick-drying travel towels, mosquito repellent, travel power plug and a power car plug to charge your phone. Self drive, roof top tent camping is not only a perfect way of exploring Africa but it is also very cheap – since you will not only have booked a car for transport but also for accommodation as well.

Our rugged 4wd Land Cruisers are ready to explore Uganda. Our capable vehicles come fully equipped with everything you need to travel in safety and comfort. The advantages of the roof tents are they are easy and quick to set up; simply unzip the cover and as you pull the ladder the tent hinges open and ‘pops up’ – in less than 5 minutes your luxury tent is ready to go.  Each vehicle has plenty of storage for your belongings.