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Best time to get a Cheaper Car Rental in Uganda


A number of travelers have turned from the missionary lazily style of exploration, to the current trends where one go for car rental and drive their own way throughout.

Opting for an adventure into this well-branded Pearl of Africa! Don’t blander when thinking about how to go about it. Consider hiring out one of the displayed safari customized vehicles and driving your way.

Then, might be wondering how to grab a cheaper car rental? Or is it possible to rent a car cheaply and take a self-drive? Alright, all are well, and can take both considerations.

Uganda experiences two traveling seasons which are peak and low seasons and these are made naturally due to weather changes. Well, Uganda experiences two weather conditions which are splinted into two each per year.

The dry season is splinted into two per year as well as the rainy season. However, should be noted that Uganda receives warm weather throughout the year. Dry weather is experienced in the months of December to February and from June to Mid-September. The dry month as well are peak traveling months when there high influx of travelers in the country.

And months of March to June and September to November are wet/rainy month where the country receive the maximum amount of rainfall. These months experience a low turn up of travelers and most of the tourist destinations are sparsely crowded.

How does seasonality impact car rental rates in Uganda?

During the peak month experience the highest travelers turn up, and all services are almost fully booked as well most of the car rental companies don’t have availability of car rentals. Car rental in these seasons is at least expensive for any availability.

In the lower traveling seasons, most of the car rentals are parked, and to keep them mechanically active. A considerate amount is charged which can be relatively lower than that of peak seasons. The turn of travelers/tourists is low. There is a chance to bargain for the best offer through various companies and the promise is that one will offer the best lower rates for you.

Another best way to rent have a cheaper car rental

Rent a car in a group, when traveling with a company of about 2 to 5 travelers can have any safari vehicle enough for you and cheaply. Most of the costs like those incurred on the vehicle, fuel, and accommodation are shared which greatly reduces your spending.

Rent a car with a driver, it’s now possible in Uganda to hire a car without a driver. When hiring a safari vehicle and taking a self-drive, there are a number of costs forgone. And this is one of the cheapest platforms to have a car rental in Uganda.

Window shopping, as many travelers do it, it’s not good for car rental companies who always strive to win every client who contacts them. But for a traveler/client, it’s your advantage to exploit who offers you the best car rental services.




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