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Rooftop Tent Camping in Uganda



Have you already chosen your next holiday destination being Uganda?! Deciding and choosing a country to take your road trip in Africa is not really an easy task, as there are very many adventurous destinations in Africa. However, whichever country you choose, Uganda is among the most touristic –the country resides the largest portion of the endangered mountain gorillas on earth.
Exploring and visiting Uganda’s top remarkable national parks in a car equipped with a roof top tent is really a lifetime experience. There are many rental companies in Uganda offering fantastic roof top tent camping experiences. We are definitely among the leading specialists in offering roof top tent camping in Uganda. You will choose the ideal type of car you want to rent, by yourself, and decide if you should go for a chauffeur safari or self-drive holiday; for the ultimate freedom and adventure – road tripping with a full set of camping gear equipment.
A car with a roof top tent comes with a full set of quality camp gear, consisting of a comfortable mattress, sleeping bag, headlights, cooking equipment, chairs and table, among others. A rooftop tent is the easiest way to sleep off the ground. This is helpful when your campsite is uneven; the soil is wet or too soft to anchor a tent. In wilderness areas, people tend to prefer rooftop tents for putting some distance between themselves and wild animals lurking around at night.
For a quick quote on your 4WD roof top tent car hire, jump onto our super-easy Online Booking System or simply call us up. We not only operate in Uganda but also offer services in all East African countries and the DR Congo – there is also a hope of us operating in other African countries very soon.
We combine budget travelers with the perfect backpacking adventure! Unbeatable price on our roof top tent car options and total freedom to go anywhere you want. Unbeatable experience with many road trip options and wide variety of car fleets. For a great start to your holiday in Uganda book any of our fleets! Here you will find quality, safety, affordability, and perfect offers. Take advantage of special rates we offer, annually!!
We provide no-frills campers, no worries, no hassles car fleets. Booking with us, you’re ensured of an exceptional and memorable road trip in Uganda [with a rooftop tent car]. Book your road trip today!

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